Purchasing a youngtimer represents an equivalent to investment into precious metals or art. It adds something more besides appreciation of invested amount – happiness arising from ownership of heritage created by automobile designers and engineers.


Car selection

We live youngtimers. We possess technical knowledge of various models. We read advertisements and observe the rise in prices regularly. Choosing the right vehicle is the first and most important step on the road to adventure of owning automotive icons. Tell us your wishes. We will listen carefully and then choose wisely.


After selecting the dream car, numerous duties follow. Legal specifics of the deregistration and export from a country, the search for the missing technical data and obtaining technical acceptance of the vehicle. Have fun and do not waste time. Leave the paperwork for us.

Back into shape

Years of operation and multiple owners leave marks at every car. Besides routine maintenance, we offer various phases of renovation with production of some rare components. We use original or certified parts. We pour only the highest quality lubricants into engine and transmissions. On the bodywork and interior we use gentle products.


Garage is car’s home. In our garage, we park the metal darlings, wash and pamper them because there is nothing better than picking up your car being clean and ready for the ride. Does your garage do this?

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